14 April 2023

Why are my gums bleeding?

And so it happened. While brushing your teeth, just moments before your nightly rest... You've noticed blood. Close to a panic attack, you immediately stop brushing and instead, you delve deep into research. What is going on?


Yet despite your genuinely diligent efforts to get a hold of the situation, you get mixed search results on the internet, toothpaste ads are trying to scare you into buying their products (or else you may lose your teeth, they say) and, having also listened to your friends and family’s advice, you end up completely confused and at a loss as to what you actually should do.


Time to answer this pressing question that’s been forever on the lips (literally!) of countless patients:


Why are my gums bleeding?


First things first: let’s make it clear that one single episode of bleeding may mean… nothing at all. Random irritation of the mucous membrane or gums, a bit (too) rough handling of a toothbrush, a wound caused by a piece of food - they all may cause temporary problems. Of course, should you have any doubts, you can consider setting up a dental appointment.


However, if the bleeding is recurring, then it is definitely time to visit your dentist. Furthermore, it may be beneficial to stop and think about the causes, which commonly include:


➡️ too rough or too long brushing, pressing your toothbrush too hard or using a toothbrush with very stiff bristles. Why not try using toothbrushes with pressure sensors and inbuilt timers? Or getting used to fine bristles? Surprisingly, it is precisely this delicate kind of toothbrushes that often contributes to the highest level of dental hygiene!


➡️ bad flossing technique; it may also contribute to the problem of bleeding gums, especially if you see the blood appearing exactly at this point of your hygiene routine. You may wish to ask your dentist or hygienist for some instruction on oral hygiene, enjoying the benefits of such newly acquired knowledge.


➡️ flossing occasionally with an overall unsatisfactory level of dental hygiene. When the diligent cleaning routine gets neglected, plaque accumulates on your teeth. Within it, one can find countless bacteria which lead to gum irritations and inflammations, resulting in bleeding upon even the slightest touch.


➡️ insufficient nutrition and suboptimal eating habits. Unless you are providing your body with vitamin C and D, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, the gum condition may be impacted.


➡️ insufficiently adjusted/polished/prepared braces, denture elements, fillings, in which case it is an especially good idea to visit your dentist.


➡️ hormonal changes which your body is undergoing. Hormones can have major impact on the condition of gums and the oral cavity mucous membrane. Are you now pubescent? Or maybe you are in the middle of pregnancy?


➡️ taking certain drugs and medications, such as selected immunosuppressants and anticoagulants. It is of special importance to discuss this aspect with your doctor.


Naturally, the common cause of bleeding is often simply periodontitis. Gum inflammations and periodontal diseases may be the result of improper hygiene; there can be hereditary as well as acquired factors. To get proper diagnosis, it is necessary to visit a medical professional.


In conclusion, it is especially practical to bear these in mind:


✅causes of bleeding gums are varied and the sheer fact of bleeding should not be a cause for panic attacks, however


✅considering the fact that an advanced periodontal disease may lead (among others) to teeth loss, it is vital to learn how to brush and floss properly. Just as important are regular (and, if needed, also emergency) visits at your trusted dental office.



And how about you? Have you already consulted your case with a trusted professional?



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