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Restorative dentistry

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stomatologia zachowawcza

Individual approach focused on comfort


Our Patients’ sense of comfort and safety is a key concern for us.

We understand the influence of pain on the body and one’s well-being.


Furthermore, we take into deep consideration the level of fear that even a sheer thought of pain can bring.


Consequently, we put great effort into reducing discomfort that is often associated with the experience of a dental treatment.



Individual approach is our core value.



Providing a wide range of services, such as


anaesthetics gels


broad selection of anaesthesia – including ones dedicated to Patients who often needed to compromise in this area due to their general health condition


dental sedation, both for children and adults; more about it here


computer-controlled anaesthesia using the Wand STA system


our doctors are able to offer solutions befitting highly personal needs.



Within the range of conservative dentistry, we offer treatment of caries, root caries, enamel demineralisation and hypomineralisation, restoration with light-cured materials and the RCT (root canal treatment) – also microscopically.


Thanks to the high quality of materials and equipment, we are free to work with full concentration on not only the health aspect of the treatment, but also the aesthetic one.


We believe that at Interdent, our fillings and restorations should


🦷 reconstruct natural shape of teeth


🦷 function in a way optimal to Patient’s condition


🦷 suit Patient’s individual needs


🦷 seamlessly blend into one’s own smile


Is there a way to avoid burring? Of course!

For example, in some clinical conditions, we can treat caries using the ICON technology, based on a system of gels and bonding agents.