Paediatric dentistry

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When the sheer thought of visiting a dentist brings smile to a child’s face!


As parents, we bear the responsibility for healthy smiles of our children.


Let’s not forget that by taking steps towards proper dental care, we give our children a real chance to avoid complicated and costly treatment in the future, along with regrets that often come with it.


Effective prophylaxis and early-implemented treatment help to prevent not only the disease development, but also its consequences, such as pain and discomfort.



🧒 Good preparation is the foundation of success.

This holds true also when it comes to the child’s first dental appointment.


The way such moments turn out will determine the future attitude of the little Patient towards the world of dentistry.


Therefore, we aim to provide a kind of environment which can facilitate forming good associations and fond memories.


Our objective is to create an image of the medical appointment that is safe, natural and cheerful.

That also explains why we are especially happy every time we hear from parents that their children cannot wait to visit us again.



Our goal is not only to take care of our Patients’ smiles, but also to bring them to their faces.



🧒 Dental appointment is conducted under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

The comfort of caregiver’s presence contributes to an increased feeling of security and safety for the child.


We keep in mind that the Little One’s first few appointments should be short, in order to avoid tiring and discomforting the child.


At the same time, to encourage formation of positive associations, we help our Patients to get familiar with the dental office, explaining the whats and whys of our work.

Furthermore, we use child-oriented products, such as colourful tooth fillings, dedicated to the youngest among our Patients.


For children who have already had uncomfortable experiences with dentists, we provide a possibility of treatment in dental sedation.



Should we notice indications for deciduous teeth RCT, we proceed with the intention of preserving each and every tooth, preventing possible orthodontic complications of premature teeth loss.



However, once there is no other possibility but to extract the tooth, we use a variety of means to make it as quick and gentle as possible.


Different techniques, systems, tools and anaesthetics help us to accomplish just that – for example, before we even inject the anaesthetic, we can numb the mucous membrane with dedicated medical gels.