Protetyka stomatologiczna

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And when it all comes to this...




Our teeth are like a team – a well-coordinated group, in which the lack of even one member can wreak havoc.

In case of our dental health, such chaos results in orthodontic problems, aesthetic issues, bone atrophy and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders.

Last but not least, the risk of further teeth loss increases.



That is exactly why the moment we lose a tooth, it is advisable to immediately think about replacing it with a new one – about introducing a substitute team player. In such times, to our rescue come the prosthetics.



This branch of dentistry proves to be helpful also when one needs to restore only a part of the tooth and, with it, the aesthetics of the smile. A filling that just keeps falling out? Discoloured dead teeth? Nowadays, that is no longer a problem.



We provide a wide variety of dental prosthetics. Putting emphasis on aesthetics, durability and the ease of use, we aim at results which blend into Patient’s own teeth, both visually and comfort-wise.



Our services include:


🦷 dental porcelain-veneer crowns


🦷 full porcelain crowns


🦷 prosthetic crowns based on dental implants


🦷 crown-root inlays


🦷 crown inlays, onlays, overlays


🦷 dental bridges


🦷 frame dentures


🦷 acrylic dentures, partial and full


🦷 mixed technique approach, i.e. fixed prosthetics with removable dentures