Orthodontics deals with occlusion disorders, not only when it comes to the youngest Patients, but teenager and adult ones as well.



According to currently published statistics, over a half of the population suffers from malocclusion. Unfortunately, even nowadays, this condition is often neither diagnosed properly nor correctly treated.


Untreated malocclusion can cause irreversible damage to the temporomandibular joints, leading to the onset of pain problems.


Furthermore, crowded teeth are more prone to caries, especially on lateral surfaces. Last but not least, malocclusion is among Patients’ most common complaints regarding the aesthetics of their own smiles. 


That's understandable, for mandible, maxilla and the way they relate to each other all significantly influence bone structure of the face.




🦷 Fixed braces are able to deal even with advanced and complicated misalignment of teeth.

Although this kind of treatment is conducted chiefly among adults and teenagers, should a child require it, there is also a possibility of application.


Fixed braces consist of fine square-shaped elements, permanently attached to the tooth’s front layer all throughout the treatment.

Though often made using metal alloys, there are also aesthetic (creme-coloured, transparent) versions available.


One of the main advantages of those kind of orthodontic braces is the fact they require little to no deliberate effort on the Patient’s side.


Furthermore, they equip professionals with tools needed to align teeth in desired positions. Check-ups during the treatment are required once every few weeks.




🦷Removable braces are widely used among children.

Often, they can be worn as early as kindergarten/early school age, which contributes to the prevention of further orthodontic disorders.


Influencing the way that dental arches relate to one another, they significantly reduce the need for lengthy fixed braces treatment in the future.


Last but not least, they improve the overall aesthetics of bone structure.

One requirement for obtaining maximum results, though, is that the braces are worn diligently and the treatment process is supervised regularly by a professional.


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