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 Microscopic Root Canal Treatment

Due to the way RCT used to be conducted in the past, the connotations that it evokes are rarely positive. Do you find this relatable?


And yet, modern, high-precision Root Canal Treatment is often the only way to avoid the necessity of a tooth extraction.


It is a truly meticulous method, often implemented in the specialistic field of dentistry called endodontics, making it possible to clean out the remains of infected tissue from the inside of a tooth.


With a microscope, a professional can:


magnify and optimise the visibility of the operating field


improve the process of precise examination and assessment of the shape and form of root canals


spot obstructions or perforations more easily


attempt to spot the previously unnoticed root canals


enhance the level of precision during the cleaning and filling stages



All of these contribute to refining precision and effectiveness of the treatment itself and through it, enhancing the possibility of the long-term tooth preservation.


Furthermore, they allow the doctor to minimize discomfort and treatment-related complications.