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ikona implanty

Implants are inserted into one’s own bone in place of lost teeth.

Serving not only as a root, but also support system for dental crowns, an implant can be used to reconstruct single tooth gaps or wider edentulous areas in the oral cavity.



🩺How exactly does the treatment process look like?


The first step is a consultation with an expert. Once the Patient’s expectations are made clear, we proceed with treatment plans and all the necessary diagnostics (like radiovisiography).


That allows us to asses both periodontal condition and bone state, which in turn makes it possible to choose the exact treatment steps and tools that will fit the Patient’s needs.


🩺 The procedure itself begins with an administration of a selected anaesthetic, followed by bone exposure and preparation of dedicated space for implant insertion.

Usually, a few months later (a period of time needed for the bone-implant integration), the prosthetic part of the tooth reconstruction can be attached to the implant as well.



The porcelain crowns are made individually, to provide care for both medical and aesthetic needs. The goal is not only to avoid pain, but to be able to enjoy comfort and well-being each and every day.




✨We are pleased to inform that our clinic Stomatologia Interdent sp. z o.o. is now an official member of the ICX authorized network. We are grateful for the trust being placed in us.


It also puts us in a position to create a modern, cutting edge facility, with professional services and trusted materials.


We can support our Patients right from the first appointment, through implementation of the chosen treatment, planning and offering advice each and every step of the way.


We wish all the best to our specialist Maciej Raczkowski and the whole team.