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We owe it to X-ray to be able to see what usually remains unseen.


With the assistance it provides, it becomes possible to deepen the diagnostics, assessing and detecting problems in a way impossible during classical examination.



As a method, it is not only practical and extremely convenient, but often indispensable, especially if our aim is to diagnose and treat with optimal precision.

Detection of hidden infection foci, assessment of bone structure and density, preparation and progress control for either orthodontic or endodontic treatments, virtualising the extent of traumas – all these require help that X-ray provides.



We offer single tooth X-rays and soon, also panoramic ones. Furthermore, we work using radiovisiography, which allows us to get results using significantly reduced radiation dose.



With the up-to-date technology, we can look at the photos directly after having them taken, consulting with the doctor straight away.


In other words, there is no need for time-consuming visits to other facilities.


Last but not least, with our radiovisiography, we can easily process the X-rays, both for the diagnostics- and documentation’s sake.