16 July 2023

Benefits of regular fluoride-based prophylaxis 🦷🛡️

One of the most popular forms of dental prophylaxis is using fluoride-based compounds to prevent tooth decay and avoid enamel demineralization.

This method has a number of advantages that benefit our oral health – provided it’s used the right way, in accordance with medical recommendations.

Have you ever wondered how exactly it can help us?



...by general caries prevention:

Fluorides strengthen tooth enamel and protect it from cariogenic (caries-promoting) factors. They react with enamel’s own hydroxyapatite, forming a stronger mineral called fluoroapatite.

Reinforced enamel is then less susceptible to acids and bacterial attacks, which in turn helps to reduce the risk of forming cavities.



...by remineralization of enamel:

Fluorides promote remineralization of our enamel.

This tissue can be weakened by, for example, low pH (acidic diet, high risk of caries with diet rich in sugars). Fluoride prophylaxis promotes a process reverse to demineralization, i.e. remineralization!

It enables us to deal with microdamages in the enamel and allows for the treatment of initial stages of caries.



...by protecting us against demineralization during and after orthodontic treatment:

Braces are a real challenge when it comes to maintaining perfect oral hygiene.

People undergoing orthodontic treatment may therefore be more susceptible to enamel demineralization.

Fluoride helps to protect our teeth from mineral loss and formation of demineralized white stains around the elements of orthodontic braces.



…by reducing the risk of root caries:

Root caries is a peculiar disease. It affects roots of our teeth, i.e. an area that is extremely susceptible to external factors – after all, it is not protected by our strong enamel!

Such a disease is common among people with gum recessions, patients suffering from periodontal diseases, seniors. Fortunately, fluoride prophylaxis is here to guard us against cariogenic bacteria also in those kind of cases.



…by supporting senior oral health:

Older patients often face specific challenges concerning oral health. They may suffer from problems such as reduced salivation, gingival recessions, periodontal diseases and loose teeth.

In such cases, fluoride prophylaxis may provide an additional line of defence, helping to reduce the risk of caries also within this age group.



…by reducing dentine hypersensitivity:

Fluoride-based products can reduce the hypersensitivity to strong stimuli: hot, cold, acidic or sweet foods and drinks don’t have to be a painful experience!

By creating a protective layer, this method of prophylaxis helps protect tiny tubules leading to the pulp from overexposure to external stimuli.



...by reducing treatment costs:

The more regular our prophylaxis, the smaller the risk of future dental interventions.

People who opt for this form of oral care can reduce the number of serious cavities, what translates into minimizing the need for complex procedures and, consequently, reducing costs associated with dental treatment.



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